Is it really meaningless?

So it’s been one of those days. Nothing has gone the way I planned. ‘Swings and Roundabouts’ they all say.

What I really want to know is whether there’s any point to all this hard work, or whether it’s all for nothing?

I opened my Bible and read Ecclesiastes. It’s not one of my favourite books, but it really is relevant for today. It’s twelve chapters long and was written by King Solomon to one of his sons. Now Solomon was one of the greatest kings of  ancient Israel. He not only kept Israel safe during his reign, but he also extended the boundaries of culture. He reached out to the surrounding kingdoms and tapped into their knowledge on philosophy, art, literature, science, technology and religion. He had women galore (700 wives and 200 concubines) and was the wealthiest king Israel had seen. And yet, through it all, he found he was never satisfied. Everything he did, be it pleasure, work or achievement, he came to the conclusion that everything was ‘a chasing after the wind’. He studied hard and observed foolishness and wisdom and pleasure, discovering that eventually, they were all temporary and meaningless.

However, the one thing he found to be entirely true was the fact that God is there, in all things. And though justice seems never to be served in this fallen world, though good people suffer bad things and wicked people prosper, we can still learn to experience joy by walking daily with God and striving to please him in all we do. King Solomon finally found the meaning of life: the source of all wisdom is a right relationship with God. And you can too. In everything you do today, remember your Creator. For He sees your comings and goings and knows each tear that falls quietly down your cheek. Unload your burden onto him and he will help you bear it. He has good plans for you: plans to give you a hope and a future. If he watches over the life of the sparrow making sure it has all it needs, how much more does he watch over you, his precious child? 

So when it all feels like you’re going in circles and not really going anywhere in life, remember your Creator and the life he has given you to enjoy. He loves you and you’re going to spend eternity with him. Spend this life preparing for a lifetime in his arms. Worship him, take pleasure in him, serve him, spend time with his people and learn to become like him. For this is what we were designed to do. Let’s do it together.

©2015 by Rachel Leathers


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