Worry is a monster

It takes up all your time

When you’re awake or you’re asleep

It works within its prime.

It knows all that’s inside you

The things that you most fear

And preys on them and costs you

The things you hold most dear.

It starts with little whispers

Doubt creeps inside your soul

Before you know what’s happened

It’s wreaked havoc beyond control.

It works inside your tummy

And stops you wanting food

It holds you back from sleeping

And darkens your morning mood.

But there are things to stop it

Things you can try yourself

When worry comes to get you

Stand up for the good of your health.

Recognise it’s niggling

The whispers that it breathes

And name it, “stop there, Worry!

I won’t listen to your creed.”

From there it can’t continue

Try hard, though it might

And every time it comes at you

Decide to stand and fight.

©2015 by Rachel Leathers


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