A Colourful God

Driving through a pretty English farm village at 7.30am, still in a half-daze as the morning awoke, I took a chance glance up at the sky. The baby-blue sky peeked through ivory clouds, the sun peering out from behind it in an explosion of lemon yellow and seashell peach. Some clouds were less fluffy; a rippling effect wove different patterns so that the light appeared more faded and disparate. As the sky met the horizon, the greens and browns of nearby farms complimented the colourful heavens. The skyline descended and rose, creating a wonderful up-lifting effect. I couldn’t help but smile, and thank God for such amazing creativity. Not even the best painter makes a sky as glorious as that!sky-731109_1280 As I carried on my journey to work, the sky changed only slightly. Throughout my work day, I kept thinking back to that beautiful sunrise. I pondered on all the little things God does to show us He’s blessing us. I work in a day nursery with 0-2 year olds so I am privileged to hold, play with and care for babies all day long. Their laughter and mischief often brings me out of the worst mood and puts a smile back on my face.

We spend so much of our time complaining about this and worrying about that, when in fact God is blessing us in little ways all the time! We can choose to take the initiative today to start looking for ways God brings colour to our lives. Just like the sunrise, God’s colour and life is all around us. We are so blessed to have a God who loves us enough to share good things with us daily. Let’s focus on the colourful world he’s given us and praise Him as we go about our routine. What a wonderful God we serve! summit-cross-225578_1280 Challenge: Write a short list or journal each day. Highlight three things you are grateful to God for. Or, list three colours you have found particularly beautiful today – describing where you found them and why they were beautiful to you. ©2015 by Rachel Leathers


One response to “A Colourful God

  1. God’s handiwork is glorious! I can see why the verse says “only a fool says in his heart there is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)

    Thank you for your visits here. Enjoy your day and stop in for music whenever you can. Tell a friend!



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