The Internet is a Wonderful Place

There’s this phenomenon on YouTube called ASMR. Basically, it’s relaxation videos (but if you want more information on the whole thing, do check out this link and they are designed to help you sleep. Now I discovered these videos over a year ago and I find them really relaxing (though some people find them a little strange; that’s ok, bear with me!)

Now there are different artists who create videos for relaxation purposes, and different viewers enjoy different things. Long story short, there’s a huge community of us who get tingles from these videos. We talk to each other and discuss what we liked or didn’t like and let the artist know so that they can create more suitable or relevant content.

Recently, one of my favourite artists, HeatherFeather, was suddenly taken to hospital. The operation she was to have would affect her vocal chords (a very important part of ASMR is whispering and speaking softly) and she was absent from the channel for a while.

Heather Feather

What I didn’t expect to see on Heather’s channel was another of my favourite artists, Ally (who goes by the stage name ASMRrequests) who stood in for her and uploaded a video to Heather’s channel updating her followers on her situation ( I found out later that she had offered to do this simply because she knew how much Heather’s followers mean to her.

Heather has since come home from hospital, but will have to go back in a few weeks for another operation. She uploaded a video on 7th June describing how much her viewers mean to her and how our comments and pictures we sent have cheered her up and given her strength. (View it here

What I found most beautiful about this whole situation is how people from around the world with no physical connection to Heather rallied round to make her feel better and help her through a hard time. The extension of Ally reaching out to someone else’s followers really touched me; Ally has her own viewers and I think she and Heather live in different states in the US. Their friendship is all online; they are virtual colleagues. But they both realise that everyone needs support in different ways. Heather and Ally support their viewers by creating content that gives them a better night’s sleep, and in return they get thousands of people excited about watching their creations. But, it seems, on top of that, we followers want to show our appreciation for Heather for all the things she’s created for us, and in return she is doing her utmost to keep us updated on her situation because she is just so grateful that we support her and enjoy her stuff.

Ally updating Heather’s viewers (see link above)


In all honesty, I simply thought I’d share this lovely story of friendship and love because it is an incredible example of how the internet can be used for good. There are a lot of ASMR videos out there who speak Bible studies very softly, or who use Scripture to guide meditations (search ‘All For The Glory Of God’ or ‘christianASMR’). The internet is a fabulous tool that enables us to reach a worldwide audience with the Good News, and you just have to look below the surface to see these wonderful stories of goodness throughout the world. Have faith and take heart; the internet can actually be quite a nice place!

 ©2015 by Rachel Leathers


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