Everybody Laughs

Everybody laughs
At things I say, what I do, how I am.
I pour out my heart and they think it’s quaint.
I tell precious thoughts and they think I’m sweet.
The way I do things, the way I think, the way I speak.
Everybody laughs.
Everybody smiles.
Superiorly grinning, knowing more than I.
“She’s so naive, so innocent, so foolish.
Such a dreamer, too hopeful, always the optimist.”
Inferiorly shifting: they know more than I.
Everybody smiles.
Everybody frowns.
Surprised, puzzled, confused.
That I possess common sense, a dash of realism, a little sanity.
That I know my work, do it well and with passion.
Abashed, shocked, bemused.
Everybody frowns.
This was the day I laughed.
My humour, my day dreams, my imagination.
I frowned at the way I cared what they thought,
And smiled at the person I turned out to be.
My honour, my wisdom, my intelligence.
Yes, this was the day that was filled with laughter,
And laughter will follow me forth hereafter.
©2015 by Rachel Leathers


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